Saturday, January 28, 2006

sweating it out...

Finally after a long hiatus (close to 3 months i think) we started playing Futsal again. This time we decided to try out a new place which cost only slightly more. Turns out its very much better than the others and might be out usual spot from now on.Only problem with this place is that they are strict with the time. Previously we could delay as our ppl gathered (typical msians, most come in 10 to 15 minutes late). It was quite a workout I must add. Feeling the age la nowadays. Lucky I was able to keep up although didn't do that much running. Managed to score a goal though, nothing special but a goal nonetheless. Hope we can keep this up and play regularly like before. Need to do some exercise to get rid of my belly. Getting rather annoyed of it. Plus not counting all the back pains I seem to be getting now and then.

The streets were pretty quite today. All the chinese folks have head back to their respective hometowns for the reunion dinner. Now I'm craving for a round of yu sang, which is only served during the Chinese New Year period. Hopefully next Saturday I'll be chowing down on some with a few mates. Think this Chinese New Year is gonna be pretty quit. Gotta work on Monday and then in the wee hours of Wednesday gotta rush down to Seremban to do my grandpas 31st day prayers. Its like a closing of his death so to speak. That would eat up whole of Wednesday. Then its back to working life.

*Yaaawwn* Starting to get sleepy. Better hit the showers, have my dinner and knock out. Was planning to head out with some mates to a nearby mamak and catch an FA Cup game but don't think I'm up for it. Gd'nite ya'll and Happy Chinese New Year!!

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