Friday, January 27, 2006


Not really sure what to blog about but thought I'll just spew some crap out.

songs in my head...

Dreams by The Game
Kenji by Fort Minor
Gold Digger by Kanye West
When I'm Gone by Eminem

places I would like to visit...

New Zealand
Sri Lanka

cars I hope to own one day...

Mini Cooper S Works
Mazda MX5 a.k.a Miata
Subaru WRX STi
VW Golf R32

movies I wanna watch...

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
Brokeback Mountain
Match Point

things I miss about US...

Freeflow on soft drinks (for those long nights)
Four seasons (especially winter)
Travelling (its so huge you don't have to leave the country!)
Freedom of speech (something we lack and its starting to screw us up)
Hot chocolate (at times Milo just doesn't cut it)

foods I'm currently craving...

Roti Bakar
Nasi Lemak w/ Rendang
Bombay Steak
Premium Ice Cream

things I'm looking forward to...

World Cup 2006
A vacation overseas (haven't decided where yet)
Upgrading my MyVi's audio system

Okie okie, I think enuff crap for now. Even I am fedup of typing. Cheers folks and have a good long weekend. =)

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