Thursday, July 06, 2006

i'm 27 already!!

Sigh. Another year just went by in a flash. I turned 27 three days ago and I still haven't got what I hoped to achieve. Nothing much has changed in the past year. No new assets, no girlfriend, nothing. Same old crap, day in and day out. Even in the workplace I'm doing the same role. Sigh. I was hoping to at least get a house but so far nothing. Coming up with the downpayment has been a BIG issue. Only thing I can say I did this past year was to go on a cruise. Which was great I must add but it isn't much to shout about. Fun and games are great but the progress in life seem to be at a standstill. I know I know, most of you would say I should be happy with what I got and how far I have come and better to be alive than dead and all those positive stuff. But personally, shouldn't I have a goal to reach. An expectation. Maybe I am expecting too much. Hmmm, maybe its just my aunty visiting. LOL.

Oh well, think I'll end my rant here. Happy Birthday to me and hope I can accomplish more this coming year. Toodles folks!

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