Sunday, July 23, 2006

we need ppl!!

Arrgghhh. Why in hell isn't Sir Alex getting anyone in?! We need ppl dammit. The squad is depleting ever so slowly. We've lost Keane and soon Ruud (not like he was any help anyways). Plus the others left behind are getting old, too young or totally useless. If we wanna make an impact this year we gotta beef up. Every other top team in EPL have bought handful of players. Not sure if any of them will make an impact but at least they are getting ppl in.

We at least need 1 striker and 1 midfield. If possible another defender. The more options we have the better since the current squad seem to be injury prone. Sigh. Its depressing waiting on Alex to decide who to get while so many are being snapped up. Pray that we don't end up with an expensive asswipe like the few we've had in the past.

Oh well, all I can do is whine about it. After all its not my money that is being spent and it ain't my job on the line. Hehe. But I bought a jersey dammit. I should have at least 0.00000000001% say right?? =(

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Hybernating Bear said...

fake jersey don't count bro.......