Sunday, August 26, 2007

tank updates...

Its been 1.5 months since my tanks was cleaned out due to the Ich outbreak. Since then I just have 1 Cherry Barb, 1 Oto and 5 Cherry Shrimps running about. Got rather bored especially with the tank being bare so got off my butt and went to my favourite LFS (Slippery Little Suckers) down at Damansara Ara.

Bought myself 6 Ember Tetras and 12 more Cherry Shrimps. Hopefully this time around the tank will flourish and no outbreak of any disease. Yes I do know its common to face these sorta things when owning a tank but its rather disheartening. The tetras seem to have warmed up to the tank pretty fast. They are already swimming about happily. Even the shrimps are scattered looking for food.

Am still learning to take clear pictures of my tank. When I do succeed am sure to post up pictures regularly. Sadly for now you just gotta imagine it. Hehe.

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