Monday, October 01, 2007


This afternoon my mom's bro came down from Bristol, UK. Last he came was last year around the same time. This time though its rather special as he is visiting with my mom's sis from Oregon, US but she'll only arrive Wednesday morning. As expected mom is all excited cos the last time any of us saw my aunty was like 12 odd years ago when my grandma passed away.

It was supposed to be a reunion of sorts with my mom's elder bro coming down as well. He hasn't been back to Malaysia since leaving to UK when he was around 20 odd years old. Hes like 65 odd now I think. Unfortunately he has some passport issues so hes stuck till that gets cleared. Guess hes gonna come down alone early next year or something.

I'm expecting some goodies when I go back later tonight. On his last visit I got my first original Manchester United jersey with number 11 (Giggs). This time I asked for number 7 (Ronaldo). On top of that I'm sure there will be loads of chocos. Hehe. From my aunty I'm expecting Reese's peanut butter cups. Something I haven't eaten since I left US 4 years ago. Just found out that Cold Storage has em' but as expected rather pricy. Also requested my aunt to get me a Transformers printed t-shirt. :D

Gonna be taking handful of days of to accompany them. More like the designated driver. Hehe. Guess gotta work for the prezzies right. Nothing in life is free. ;)

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