Friday, November 30, 2007

jaz beer...

Tried a new beer today, Jaz Beer. It cost RM9.50 for a large bottle which is RM2 to RM5 cheaper than Skol, Tiger or Carlsberg. Mind you this is coffee shop price and not from 7/11 or some hypermarket.

We were curious where this brew came from as to my knowledge there were only 2 breweries in Malaysia, Carlsberg and Guinness Anchor. According to their label its from an outfit out of Port Klang, Selangor called Napex Corporation. Just did some research and found out theres some slight hoo haa over this new beer.

Not sure if you can notice but its lighter in color. Tastewise rather weak. Wouldn't really order this again. Would rather spend slightly more and get something 'tastier' so to speak. Advise you guys to avoid this actually unless of course you were strapped for cash. Then by all means. LOL.

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