Friday, March 04, 2005

long flights...

Would you be able to tolerate a flight for 20 odd hours? I used to resent the flights I had to take from Malaysia to US and back. A friend of mine is going through the same thing right now and I am sure shes going to resent it when she lands. Its just too freaking long and this is without counting in the stopovers or check ins or even immigration. The agony of lugging around everything and making sure your in the right lane. Not counting the millions others who are just like you or even more annoying. Twice on these flights I had to sit next to a huge person and boy was that fun. Not itself you gotta be in the plane for years but being cramped is another thing. The food isn't much to shout about either. The whole serving time is flipped. They give you food when yur used to sleeping and when yur wide awake they want you to sleep. Frozen food from the supermarket taste so much better and could they at least get some good wine or beers. Damn for the money we pay can't we at least get some decent drinks! At least that would relax us or something. How about the stewardesses or stewards? Couldn't they be any more polite. The first flight I took to the States via Northwest Airlines was the worst. They were only around to serve when its meal time. Never in between. They would actually dissappear for the other periods unless of course if you keep buzzing them and then they would show up with a chainsaw. To ask for some water is like an eternal sin. C'mon is your freaking job and not like we are asking you for a massage or something. Just some freaking water to clear my throat and replenish my fluids. If there was a water cooler nearby I wouldn't even bother you. But not all are bad, other flights that I have taken have been good. Just gotta avoid some airlines I guess. The couple of hundreds you save really do make a difference on these flights. Thank god I won't be taking another long flight anytime soon. Don't think I would be visiting US in the near future and everywhere else is much nearer. But then again, you never know do you. My company might just decide to send me there for some training. Sigh.

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