Saturday, March 19, 2005


Aiyo its that time of the year again. This time we have to do the assestments ourselves and as expected no proper direction was given. Just plonk it on us and figure it out. Unless of course you wanna pay someone else do your taxes or if you want to visit the tax office and struggle to understand what the hell the officers are saying. I'm sure they themselves are clueless of the new format. Yesterday, In-Tech advertised this website to help you on your taxes and I checked it out earlier. As expected it was a half assed job with errors and no direction whatsoever. Its like you already have this crappy form to fill, now you gotta struggle with a stupider website to help you with the crappy form! How does that work?! After browsing about I realised that website will most probably be a portal for them to fetch juicy data about tax payers and feed other companies so they can send their damn spam via email, snail mail and SMS. I won't be able to get my taxes done this year but at least I would get the latest Sharper Image catalog and be called up for some time sharing BS! =P

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