Friday, March 25, 2005


I got this during Christmas and it cracked me up then and it still does. It got me thinking of how far the world of outsourcing has come. There isn't much that you can't outsource anymore. From brides to babies to shoes to even water. It is all about getting it cheaper or easier. I can't really complain much about outsourcing though as I am in that line and I should be greatful of this new industry. Without its expansion I don't think I would be where I am today and enjoying its benefits. At times I do understand where all the anti-outsoucing people come from. If I were in their shoes I would be just as pissed off about it as the next guy. Imagine losing your job of 10 years to someone in a foreign land just because they were a cheaper alternative. And on top of that you have 2 kids who are still schooling and a loving wife at home to feed. How are you to feel and cope? Yes business wise its the best thing to do but morally and emotionally it is far from it. Abandoning your employees when they most needed you without even flinching. These sort of things is what drives a person to go postal. Heck if it happened to me I'd most probably gun all those that were involved in the decision making or at least try to run em over. Maybe I'll plant a bomb in their cars and when they start the ignition. Kaboom! Hehe. Actually I won't as I'm not that insane or dumb or even have the balls to but the thought would definately cross me. Its not my fault either, blame Hollywood. Filling me with all these ideas. Back to outsourcing, how freaky would be to even outsource Santa. I mean imagine you sit on a chair in the mall and speak through a phone and some dude with a weird accent is asking you what you want for Christmas. 'Ello wat you want for Clistmas? Hep you been good boi? Thanking you. Please come again' Damn that can scare a kid up real good. Posted by Hello

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