Monday, March 21, 2005

not bad after all...

The weekend is officially over. It turned out quite alright I must say, even though I missed out on watching F1 in Sepang itself. Had a good game of Futsal with some office mates on Saturday afternoon. The last time I played any sports was about a year back and boy was it tough catching up. Ran out of breath within 5 mins and playing 3 a side didn't help either. Plus the damn heat. This weekend's heat has been a killer even with some short showers it didn't help. After the tiring game of Futsal I headed to my high skool buddy's house warming in Cyberjaya. Had a nice time there mingling with his mates and drinking Tiger. The beer and food were free flowing and with great company, I don't really have to explain how good it was. After getting back from that I just knocked off. Woke up pretty early to get some chores done on Sunday. Got myself a new toy that was being promoted at 1 Utama's Jaya Jusco. It was pretty cheap so I couldn't help myself. Its called Race-Tin Gen-3 RC from Auldey. A China toy making company. Bought the car with whatever modifications they offered. Its not bad and goes pretty fast. Supposedly up to 15kph after modifications. Then I got back from the mall to catch the F1 on Astro. It was a pretty good race. Good to see Renault doing well plus Toyota. Narain performed well too, coming up closer to the top 10 in each race. Sadly Sauber Petronas didn't do that well. Hope both performs well in Bahrain though with fresh engines. Once F1 was done had a nice home cooked meal. Working UK hours in Malaysia stops me from eating home cooked during weekdays so come weekend I'm all for it. To cap the night off I had a can of Jolly Shandy and saw '28 Days Later' on the telly. Pretty good movie I must say. Interesting storyline and directing. Hope it never ever comes true unless of course I was the one stuck with a cute chick. Now I'm gonna switch on the AC and hit the sack. Please pray that I have a good week ahead. Toodles.

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