Wednesday, February 01, 2006

end of a chapter...

Finally after 31 days of prayers and what not, my Appa is finally laid to rest. Today marked the 31st day since his death and the last major prayers were done. My dad and I have been up since 4am for the first half prayers at Port Dickson and then to continue the 2nd half at my grandpa's home in Seremban. Prayers ended about 1pm with lunch being served to all those that came for the event. It was a tiring process which we would have skipped (since most of it being unnecessary) but the event was organised by my dad's bro and he wanted to have a 'big send off' so to speak.

Guess most of siblings are trying their level best to show how caring they are when they never really bothered about him for the last 4 years plus. My dad's bro even went to the extent of printing cards and books but whats the point really. The poor old man has passed and all he wanted were his children's love/care for the last few years but none of them bothered. Now when hes gone they come pouring in spending all sorts of money and parading around relatives to show their 'affection'. A lil' too late if you ask me. Hope they live to regret their actions but I doubt it since most of them are too selfish to even care. Oh well, thats how life is right. I'm happy that my grandpa is finally resting in peace and that my parents are less stressed out.

Think I better hit the sack now. *Yaaawn* Been up for more than 30 odd hours and I gotta head to work tommorrow as well. You guys take care aight. Toodles.

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