Wednesday, April 12, 2006

audio upgrade...

Finally after months of deliberation, I have finally sent my baby to KKLau (an audio accessory shop in Kelana Jaya) for an ICE (in car entertainment) upgrade. I just couldn't take the stock crap anymore. Shes gonna get herself a pair of components in front, a new cd player, a 4 channel amplifier plus my subwoofer from Betty. Its gonna be a 100% Alpine setup. I'm also doing some sound proofing for the front doors. Would love to soundproof the whole car but its rather expensive. Maybe over time. No hurry.

I'm hoping when I collect my baby tommorrow all will be done without any hiccups. Don't want to be heading back to them numerous times. Can't wait to get her I tell ya. Feel like a kid witha new toy. Will post some pics if possible once done. Wish me luck folks! =)

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