Thursday, April 13, 2006

banana leaf...

Finally after weeks and weeks of cravings, I got my dose of banana leaf rice. *Burp* Sorry the tank is full. Had to release some pressure. Although unlike most I had mine during dinner. Can't really imagine eating so much during lunch. Had my rice at Kanna Curry House in Section 17. I like it there than most places because they have a fresher variety of veggies as well as deep fried stuff like chilli and bittergourd (which is a definate must). Sadly its also slightly more expensive. Pretty weird actually that banana leaf rice can cost so much (from RM4 to RM6 depending where you eat). I mean its just rice and vegetables plus some curry. How many people can actually eat RM4 to RM6 worth of rice?! Some places even control the intake, you can't have more without finishing your first batch. Sigh. Food seem to get pricier and pricier as time goes by. Some shops increase the price blatantly whenever something happens to the economy. We usually boycott these places but the usuals somehow still frequent them. Supporting their crooked ways. Sigh. We need to have a more supportive consumer society. Teach these daylight robbers a lesson. Put them out of business. After all we are the ones paying their damn salaries! Oh well, I'm just rambling.

Hmmm feel like a nap now. Tummy is full. Feel rather sleepy. Yaaaaawn.

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