Thursday, April 27, 2006

damn elevators...

Arrghhh today is the first time I got trapped in an elevator! With about 10 other colleagues from the training. Took the damn hotel 20 minutes as well to get it fixed and running. 5 star hotel my ass! When we paged the dude about the elevator, all he said was 'Ok' and then silence. We paged again about 5 minutes later and then only does he reply with an update. Jeeeez. At least some acknowledgement la. Lucky the lights and ventilation of the lift didn't shut down. If not we would have had a pretty stressed out crowd. Some of them were already complaining about lack of oxygen and better not talk too much. LOL. Guess no harm in preparing for the worse. Anyways time for sleep again. Another early morning tommorrow and somehow my body can't really cope with the time difference. Sigh.

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