Monday, April 17, 2006

restoran talipon...

Damn! I should have realised when they couldn't spell 'telephone' in Bahasa Malaysia properly. That could've been an indicator of how 'great' the place was. I remember reading somewhere that this place was alright plus a colleague of mine said the same thing. Heck no! This was the worse dining experience I've had in ages and I've eaten in some pretty dodgy places mind you. For those that aren't really aware, Restoran Talipon is an 'All U Can Eat' joint focussing on Steamboat and BBQ. Now that is an offer that most can't resist but sadly I would advise ALL OF YOU to please STAY AWAY from this shit hole. It NOT WORTH the RM2o!

Firstly the lay out is as cheap as it can get. Throw some tables about, a gas tank for your stove and lay the food out. Everything is out in the open. No door or windows or partition. The rest is up to you. You take what you want and you cook it. Now this isn't all that bad but the variety sucked. The damn steamboat pot never ever reached boiling point. This is with us being there for almost 2 fucking hours. Even when it was empty it never boiled. Now tell me what kind of steamboat is that. There wasn't any STEAM in the first place! Then came the BBQ part. Which I guess wasn't all that bad except the space to do it on was so small and lacked heat it took 10 minutes to cook a slice of meat. Plus after BBQing for about half an hour, the tray gets all burnt. Now it takes even longer to cook anything. Arrrgggh. The freaking frustration. Luckily we had only 3 of us, imagine if there was more. You might have to camp your ass out there the whole night just to have a decent meal.

Sigh. After the meal I felt cheated. Raped even. Didn't expect such a joint to survive in Klang Valley. Plus people seem to frequent it. Maybe getting ripped off is an addiction for some. Or maybe they've learnt to beat the system. I dunno. One thing for sure is I ain't going back there. For that amount of money I could have had much better meal in sooo many other places. Arrghhh I hate getting ripped off!! Fuck you Talipon!!

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