Monday, April 24, 2006

paid vacation...

La la la. Tommorrow I'm off on a paid vacation for 3 whole days. Yup you guess it, its seminar and conference time again. Starting tommorrow I have 1 day of conference to attend with about 8 speakers. All talking about various aspects of a contact center. This followed by 2 days of training. At the end of the training (if I pass the exam as well), I'll be a certified Contact Center Manager. Its not that big a certification but its better than nothing. Help spruce up my resume especially considering the certification is endorsed by Contact Center Association of Malaysia. So I can't really complain. This time around the seminar should be worth while. Hopefully I won't be gaining anymore weight especially after loosing almost 3 kilos recently. Wish me luck on that. Gotta head home early now so I can wake up on time. Gd'nite folks!

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