Thursday, April 06, 2006


Sigh. What a fucked up week it has been. The weekend started off ok with a good game of futsal but after that it was downhill all the way. Am still trying to recuperate from it. Bought some rojak in SS2 (which I eat quite often) and it fucked my body up real bad. Within 2 hours I was vomitting, purging and the worse part, suffering a splitting migraine. Don't ask me how you can get a headache with food poisoning but the doc says you can and I was going through that shit. Its the worse food poisoning bout I have ever experienced. The vomitting stop after I got an injection from the doc since oral meds just didn't work. I vomitted anything I took in, from water to bread to biscuits. Purging came on and off which didn't bother me much but the headache. Hotdamn! Bitch is still tormenting me. The amount of panadols and pain killers I've had so far, I think just sipping my blood can cure minor headaches. Lucky it seems to be very slight now which is a huge blessing. Hope by tommorrow it'll be all gone since I'll be heading for one of my mate's engagement in Johor. Plus I'm also one of the designated cars so I can't really sleep through the ride. Wish me luck folks.

Surprisingly, the only good thing out of all this mess? I lost 2 kilos. Yup. I guess its common since I usually lose weight after a food poisoning bout. Hmmm maybe I can start my own weight loss program. Hmmm, what should I call it?

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