Wednesday, April 19, 2006

damn taxes...

What the fuck is wrong with our country?! Can't we get anything right. 9th Malaysian Plan my ass. We got a long way to go before thats a reality. We can't even give and follow simple directions.

Its that time again when we all gotta do our taxes. Dateline is coming soon and so I tried to beat the rush and queues by doing mine early. After all the paperwork it turns out I owe Malaysia a couple hundred ringgit. So I did as the form says and got a check ready and placed into an envelope with the address of the collection department. As the Kelana Jaya office was pretty nearby, I decided to head down there and dump it in the collection box. Much safer and at least I have the confidence that its already with them, instead of being stuck in some mailbag or thrown in a drain somewhere. After dropping it off it was a relief off my back. Don't have to worry about this till next year.

Sadly that wasn't the case. Looks like my ass luck kicked in. Next morning I get a call from our tax department. Supposedly they changed the method of payment. No checks via the tax department. Only via the 2 designated banks. So please come and take back your check. Fine, drove down there and picked it up and had a word with the attending officer. We questioned about why no mention of this ANYWHERE as well as the form stating that its possible to drop off at or mail to the tax department. Her excuse was that they JUST changed the procedure. Then we asked what happens to all the people that mailed their checks in as the form states. You know what was her answer?! She actually said 'Too bad, it'll most probably get lost in the mail!'. Now what the fuck type of answer is that? Didn't we just hear that the government has improved their services. Its being advertised on the telly. Improved in what sense? They must have a different dictionary than mine because I don't fucking see any improvement. At times its worse than before! After that it just wasn't worth arguing anymore. Just took my check and headed to the nearest designated bank.

Now that itself was another challenge. The damn bank hid the forms needed for tax payment. Every other form was out there on the counter. From EPF payment to cash withdrawal/deposit. All except for tax payment. You gotta ask the clerk for that. Its hidden behind the counter. Looks like the bank is reeeeally 'eager' to accept tax payment right. Freaking A! Why must the process be so tedious?! I mean we are actually trying to GIVE money to the government. This isn't a refund request. Jeeez. No wonder people don't freaking bother with the taxes. Its too freaking annoying. Plus the damn tax department themselves aren't aware of the procedure. Every idiot there will tell you a different story. Get your damn procedure right!

Arrgghhh. I'm too pissed to ramble on. Screw it!

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