Wednesday, June 20, 2007

broadband in malaysia...

Not too long ago I received a flier from TM Net (my wonderful ISP) on Streamlessyx. It was advertising a very interesting offer which grabbed my attention. Upgrade to 1Mb speed for only RM1 for the first 3 months following which my rate is increased from RM66 to RM77. Only RM11 for an upgrade of 2x the speed. Not bad ha. Then I browsed down on the terms and conditions (the good ole' FINE print) for the catch. Lo and behold point 4 caught my attention.

iv. Speed of service is on best effort basis.

LOL. They just wiped ALL responsibility of providing the service. Its like you pay for the highest speed, but sorry ar, we cannot confirm you'll get it. We'll try our best though. Haha. Wtf is that?! Just because you hold the damn monopoly of such a service doesn't mean you can do what you like dammit! There should be some form of control on this. How the fuck can you go about providing broadband to the nation but wipe all responsibility like you are doing us a favor. Damn MCMC should do something about this. Arrggghh.

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