Thursday, June 28, 2007

shes turning 2...

Wow time surely flies. My baby is TWO years old today! Hehe. I know I know its a tad bit over dramatic but what the heck. This time around shes done quite a bit (already hitting 31000 kms) of travelling compared to Betty (who was like 18000 kms when she turned 2). Have been a lot of places with her and surpringly have not given her a name. I need to come up with something real soon cos its unfair considering I named all my previous cars very soon after owning them. Time just flew by I guess.

Am thinking of getting her some new rims. Need to offload my current ones first to generate the necessary moolah. Am also thinking of a bodykit but not sure how much am willing to plonk down. If I go cheap it wouldn't be rather fragile but to be strong its pretty pricy. Almost 2x the price. Might also consider adjustable suspensions. Sigh. I see a lot of money flying out the window soon. Then again I've managed to control my spending on this car. Haven't really done much.

Happy 2nd Birthday dear! Looking forward to many more adventures together. Lots of road trips lined up in the future am sure. =)

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