Monday, June 18, 2007


We all have various ways of soothing our mind and soul. Theres music, movies, a good book, sound sleep, a night out and of course the all time favourite, fooood! From time to time we all need some form of comforting. Doesn't mean we are down and out, its just something we need to keep us going. Jump start of sorts. Below are what I do for comfort.

1. Play games on my Nintendo DS Lite.
2. Spending time with Sunshine.
3. Take a long drive listening to my favourite tunes.
4. Watching a movie.
5. Some cold beers with the mates.
6. Reading a book/comic/magazine.
7. Playing futsal with the boys.
8. Enjoying a good meal at various places. The list is pretty extensive so decided against mentioning em'. Hehe.

I guess the most often cure for now is spending time with Sunshine and enjoying a good meal. Sadly eating isn't really a good source of comfort cos you end up gaining weight. LOL. I've already gained all that I've lost in the previous months. Then again, rather have my happiness than a lil extra weight. ;)

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