Sunday, June 24, 2007

tank updates...

Just got back from the LFS (local fish shop) with some new fishies for my tank. Also got myself some quality fish food and a new Eheim HOB (hang on back) filter. Got myself 12 Mosquito Rasboras and 1 Otocinclus Catfish (algae clean up crew). Sadly 2 of the rasboras died due to jumping out of the bowl when trying to acclimatize them. Didn't notice almost 2 hours later when I spotted a tiny fish on the bathroom floor. =(

The rasboras are so freaking small. Think I'll definately be needing more to fill up the tank. They are a sight to see especially when they are schooling. Very nice color on them. Am sure if they were bigger they would be pretty popular. Think next weekend I'll get 12 more. Their maximum growth is only 1 inch so nothing to worry about. Hmm maybe I'll get another variety which is much more expensive (up to 3x). Their known as Galaxy Rasbora and when first founded (in Myanmar) almost 10 months ago, cost almost RM20 a piece! Now with self breeding its dropped to about RM6.50. Their interest has also dropped among aquarium enthusiast as they were so over caught that their population dwindled drastically.

Alrighty time to hit the showers. Got my hair cut earlier today and need to wash up. Gd' night folks!

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