Saturday, June 23, 2007

crime alert...

Crime seem to be getting too rampant in our parts of the world. Johor is in one big mess till they had to reinforce the police presence (wonder how long that will last!). It was so bad there that gang rapes occurred every few hours. Its sad to hear this considering how our country has supposedly 'grown'. Fifty years of independance is coming up soon but when it comes to safety I think we were much safer those days. Now we can't even wash our cars on the front porch with the gates open. Can't even take a stroll through the park without worrying. And these are all during broad daylight so you can forget about nights. Sigh.

Yesterday my bro's car got broken into. Smash and grab. He was having his haircut (around 10am nearby Wisma FAM) and parked not too far from the barber. Someone smashed his rear window and grabbed a bag he had on his seat. It wasn't even a laptop bag, just a bag that looks similar. Yes it was his fault for leaving it in the open but still. Thankfully nothing valuable in the bag and they didn't take the other stuff in the car. Only loss was the the window repair which cost him RM180.

Previous Sunday one of my colleagues was almost a victim of a car jacking. Worst part was this happened not too far from a freakin' police station! He stopped for a red light just above the Brickfields police station (and Nagas Restaurant). One car came from behind and slammed into him. He drove slightly in front as he was in a Mitsubishi Storm and the car could have gone under his pickup bed. He then noticed a Kancil with 4 fellas by his side. They didn't move even though the light turned green. The people in the car that slammed into him didn't move as well. Suddenly out of nowhere 2 fellas came up to his truck and accused him of driving poorly and to come out and talk. One of the dudes put his hand in to turn the ignition off. My colleague punched him under the chin and drove off slowly in front. None of them gave chase. He then made a round and went to the police station. The officer in duty said he was lucky as it happens quite often. Colleague told him to go chase after em' since the car that knocked into his pickup had a blown radiator (fluid all over my friend's ride). Guess what our great cop said? 'Take down this number, if anyone is chasing you give us a call.' and he left it at that. Can you believe that?! No wonder crime goes on wildly nowadays. Damn cops couldn't give two shits.

Its a sad thought actually. No wonder people are migrating or finding ways to work overseas. If only the police will buck up and not give all sorts of false promises. Wearing a badge isn't enuff. Do the freaking work dammit! You already have gotten your pay raises right?! Arrrgghh. Guess the only thing we can do is be extra cautious of our surroundings. Take care folks and look out for each other cos the police ain't gonna do it. =(

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