Friday, June 29, 2007

kfc's black pepper chicken chop...

I'm sure most of you have seen or heard of KFC's new Black Pepper Chicken Chop Combo. Ads are on newspapers, telly as well as radio. Previously they released the O.R Chicken Chop combo which was a hit. It came with mushroom gravy, side of large fries, coleslaw (with raisins in it) and a soda. I didn't try it then but this time around I thought why not since they were a success before. How unfortunately wrong! =(

Hiew and I headed down to KFC (along Jalan University) for dinner as we were fed up of thinking of what to eat. Both of us got there and ordered the KFC Black Pepper Chicken Chop combo and added on the 7UP Revive drink (for only 90 cents). The combo consist of the chicken chop (with a cup of the black pepper sauce) , a cup of creamy musroom soup, some crinkle cut fries, a scoop of coleslaw and a butter bun. All for only RM9.90. Sounds tempting doesn't it. We were excited as well till we started digging in.

The so called mushroom soup tasted like creamy flour. The fries were ok but cold/stale. Coleslaw and bun were the usual stuff from KFC so no complaints there. Now for the main course. The chicken chop itself was so so but the worse part is the black pepper sauce. I'm pretty sure my niece (who is 4 this year) can make a much better sauce. It was a powdery and runny mess. It did taste like pepper but for what we paid we might as well enjoy chicken chop at the roadside western stalls. Much better sauce and their meat are just as good. It was really disappointing. Should have just enjoyed their Original Snack Plate which is so much cheaper and rarely disappoints.

Oh well. Guess we wouldn't have known if we never tried it right. Would recommend you guys to give it a pass. Another flop after the Alaskan Fish Burger and the Fish N Chips. Alrighty enuff of ranting. Hehe. Time to enjoy my Milo Nuggets which I got at 7 Eleven. Toodles.

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