Wednesday, June 13, 2007

damn rain!!!

Arrggghh. The last handful of days have been a real bitch. All we got is rain, rain and more rain and its still freaking raining! The best part is I was on leave the last 3 days. Sucks when you wanna chill but the damn weather doesn't oblige. KL was hit pretty bad with flash floods causing havoc to traders and vehicle owners. Pictures below show the extent of the damage. Hope I never get stuck in such a situation.

Rainy days always remind me of the kiddy rhyme below. At times I keep playing it over and over again in my head.

Rain, rain, go away,
Come again some other day,
We want to go outside and play,
Come again some other day.

Damn rain stops me from taking my tea break at work.
Damn rain stops me from loitering hanging out at KLCC park.
Damn rain makes driving a real bitch.
Damn rain stops me from visiting my favourite mamak joints.
Damn rain makes everything wet and soggy.

Sigh. Enuff of ranting already. Time to get back to work. Toodles folks.

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