Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tank updates...

Its 2.5 months now and I think its safe to say that my tank is in stable condition. Fishes survived the new tank ordeal and all (although I can't spot them at the same time) my new shrimps seem to be strolling about happily. Did my regular water change last weekend and had to trim off majority of my java fern. All the leaves went brown and were withering away. Now that shrub looks so sparse. Guess its better since the lighting in my tank is low, so the remainder can survive now. I hope. ;)

With the help (donation) from $1 I added a new plant (Dwarf Sagittaria) in my tank. This is a grassy variety and is able to survive under low maintanance plus grow wildly. Looks nice due to its long thin leaves and fishies seem to love swimming through em'. Hope they fair better than my ferns. It does make the landscape more natural and helps fill up the tank. Have planted shoots on both back corners and a handful in the front middle. Will take pics when I have the time and post em' up for a clearer picture.

Hoping to add more fishies by end of this month. The variety of fish that I want, Mosquito Rasbora are in stock and pretty decently priced. Can't wait to fill up the tank and make it alot more livelier.

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