Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a new start...

Just 2 weeks since my tank was infected with Ich, I am left with only 1 Cherry Barb and 1 Oto. Thankfully all my shrimps survived. Looks like I have to start fresh. Think my next batch of inhabitants are gonna be mostly shrimps with a school (of 5 to 8) of the same fish. No more small fishies for me cos they are rather sensitive and die off easily with the slightest infection or environmental change. Although they do look so good schooling together. =(

At this moment am thinking of getting some Gold Tetras and maybe a mini pipefish/armoured stickleback (just for the kicks of it). Have recently got myself new lighting with more wattage (2x more than before). Suppose to help with the growth of the ferns and mosses. On top of that I also got myself a mini fan to cool down the water's temp. Which in turn will hopefully make my shrimps breed. No pictures for now but will put em' up when I do take some.

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