Sunday, July 15, 2007


A complete overhaul! That is what our national football team needs. More so after another thrashing last night. We have the facilities and the gear, but without heart and talent, all of that won't matter. Scrap the team and the management and start from scratch. Who cares if we can't compete internationally for a few years. Not like we are doing well anyways. We are dropping further and further down the FIFA World rankings (157th as of today!!). Sigh.

Miss the 70s and 80s when Malaysia was a team to be afraid off in East Asia. Used to be interested in local football then. Even had a flag and jersey. Now Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand have all gone past us. Even Sri Lanka!! Arrgghhh. I am sure there is talent in Malaysia just that there is too much political bullshit. Please please do a complete overhaul. Get Shebby in as coach and give him full control. Am sure he will be able to get a team together or whip this current team in shape.

What have you got to lose FAM? We are already down on the dumps! =(

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