Wednesday, July 04, 2007

review: transformers...

Finally after almost 2 years of waiting its out. Its been released for just barely a week now and everyone is talking about it. From the Ramli Burger guy down the street to my managers in 3rd floor to lil' kids in primary school who hasn't even seen the original cartoon in the 80s. I know some who have seen it multiple times and are still planning to go see it summore. Tickets have been booked for weeks in advance. Think most shows except for the early ones are packed.

Most people my generation will definately feel at home with this movie. We practically grew up with it. When I heard Speilberg and Michael Bay are teaming up to make a live action version of Transformers, I was ecstatic. I remember checking their website every now and then for updates and keep seeing the release date being pushed back. Thought it would never come true. Boy am I glad I was wrong!

Ok enuff of rambling, lets get to the movie. This movie is simply the BOMB! It definately lives up to all the hype it has raised. Amazing effects, great acting, stellar sound and well put storyline. Yes people were bitching that the human side of things were too long but I guess a 100% robot movie wouldn't really work. I would love to see it but when it comes to selling to the masses it would fizzle out plus cost a pretty penny. Am amazed at how they managed to replicate the robots transforming, the sound effects, the fight scenes and the mingling with humankind. Just the transforming and sound itself is worth going for another watch. The only thing that disappointed me was their decision to make Bumblebee into a stupid Camaro. Guess they did that to appeal to the damn yanks. From the looks of it theres a hint of a sequel at the end of the movie. Am sure most would agree that a sequel is a big welcome.

All and all I would definately recommend this movie to everyone. It is by far the best movie I've seen all year. Am not saying its Oscar worthy (except maybe for the sound and visual side of things), but as an all rounder its TOPS! If you haven't seen it you better hit the cinemas before its too late. This is definately one movie you wouldn't want to stinge on a pirated DVD. Cinemas were made for these, especially THX certified ones! Hmmm think I'll head down myself for another viewing.

Autobots, transform and roll out!

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