Thursday, July 05, 2007

tank updates...

Sad news. Got back from work around 1am and found 2 fishies dead (1 Cherry Barb and 1 Mosquito Rasbora). Think my water temp is pretty high especially with the current heat wave and its affecting the fishies. Hope more won't suffer. Gotta go out and get a fan to at least lower the temp a bit. Notice it gets hotter when my tank light is on.

My plants seem to have stabilised. At least they aren't turning brown. Hope they keep it up. Think I'll improve the lighting and cooling first before I get more fishies. My new filter has run in now so I can dump my older filter. Tried flogging it off the Malaysian Aquascaping Club forum but no one seems interested.

Alrighty think I'll hit the sack now. Been rather tired last few days. Gd' nite folks!

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