Friday, July 27, 2007

time for an upgrade...

Ahh finally after months of looking for a buyer I've sold my digicam. It served me well for 1 and half years but with all the new beauties out there I can't help but upgrade. My Nikon Coolpix 4600 was a good camera but the small display was a pain when deciding if the pictures were taken properly. Most of the time I would head home and find out they were blurry or misaligned. Very depressing especially coming back from overseas trips. Can't help it I guess when the screen is only 1.8". Then again when I bought it that was considered pretty good already.

The digicam technology just bloomed soon after. Now there are myriads of designs out there to suit all sorts of usage. Even a Digital SLR isn't all that pricy compared to before. Have been poisoned by many to step into the Digital SLR world but don't feel like putting down that much dough is worth it. Especially when I know my real purpose of owning a digicam. I do love photography but not to the extent of lugging my camera daily and taking shots of everything. I only bring it when I really need it like trips and parties. Even then I tend to rely on my mates to bring theirs and share the pics taken. LOL.

Now its time to research for a new camera. Got a few in mind. Just got to figure out how much am I willing to fork out. Hmmm now lets see whats on dcresource. =)

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