Wednesday, July 11, 2007

sick fishies...

Arrgghh. My poor fishies have been infected with Ich or more commonly known as White Spot disease. Not really sure how they got it as it can happen due to many reasons plus its rather common. Sigh. My poor babies. Just rushed to the LFS this morning to get some medication. Gonna start treatment which will last about 12 plus days. Really hope they survive this and not slip away one by one. =(

Poor tank is all blue now from the meds. Guess I gotta put on hold my plan to add more fishies. No wonder they were rather down last couple of days. Avoiding food and staying above the tank. All symptoms of Ich. Oh well its something all aquaria hobbyist gotta go through. At least now I have the medication on standby. Hehe.

Wish me luck folks. Got about 13 fishies in there although only spotted 4 of em' infected.

Update (12/7/07 @ 1.08am)

Found 2 Mosquito Rasboras dead. Rest seem to be getting better. Lets hope. =(

Update (13/7/07 @ 1.30am)

Found 1 Cherry Barb dead. Sigh. Hope more don't go towards the light. =(

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