Thursday, August 16, 2007

bad sign...

OMG. Two games and both ended with a draw! Each losing 1 top player. First Rooney out (for 2 fucking months!) with an injury during Reading's game and now Ronaldo (for 3 matches) for a silly red card offence during yesterday's match against Portsmouth. Sigh. Not the best of starts especially against 2 mid level teams. If it was against the top four it would be ok. Now its gonna be an uphill battle to regain the lead and then maintain it.

On the bright side Tevez and Nani finally started. Both showing great promise and once they settle in should do great. Just gotta wait for Hargreaves and Anderson to start or at least play handful of minutes. It looks as if we need a quality finisher. If only Ole or Saha regain fitness. At least then we got options up front. Aarrgghh. Such a frustrating start to the league. On both games we had tonnes of oppurtunity but just couldn't finish it. That is the most frustrating part. So close yet so far. Giggsy seems to be struggling with the central midfield role. He should be left at left wing where he shines. Pump the crosses in and let Scholes or Tevez finish it off.

Big away derby game coming this Sunday. With Manchester City winning their last 2 games and full of energy. Am sure they are dying to open a can of whoop ass. We better pick up the pace and show what we're made off.

Glory glory Man United!

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