Wednesday, August 15, 2007

review: str8 to the point...

Okay this is gonna be my first review of a music album. Got this album from my mate Teh O Ais aka Ah Bald aka X aka Excaliber. I know I know, way too many nicks but guess hes just confused. Cut him some slack. Hehe. The album is Point Blanc's first solo effort entitled Straight to the Point. Many of you might remember Point from his Poetic Ammo days with Yogi B, Land Slyde and C. Loco. When they came out they were the first successful commercialised Hip Hop act in Malaysia. I have all of their CDs except for the latest, Return of Tha' Boombox.

I have to be honest that I didn't like Point much during his Ammo days. Didn't think he gelled with the group in terms of sound and style. Due to this I was a little hesitant in getting his solo effort. As I worked with Teh O Ais and he is part of Point's crew, I had no choice but to hear him bitch rant about the album day in and day out. Way before the single was even released to the public.

What really caught my interest was when the single Ipoh Mali was released. Radio kept playing it over and over plus I manage to score a MP3 rip. I have to admit it was pretty good. Point was finally doing his own thing and it worked. Plus it was more 'local'. Something I wished most Hip Hop acts in Malaysia would do. We aren't niggers and we definately will never be one. We are Malaysians and we should be proud of that.

Anyways with Ipoh Mali in mind I told Teh O Ais to grab me a copy of the album. Got it about a week plus ago signed by Point himself (thanks!). Dumped it in my car's cd player and gave it a go. The first half of the CD were all Chinese (Cantonese and Hokkien) tracks, which sadly I could only understand about 50%. The beats were nice but without knowing what the hell they were saying I couldn't keep with the flow. Things got better track 16 onwards. I have to say the album is pretty good for his first solo effort. Beats were nice and the lyrics 'local' enough to keep me happy.

My favourite tracks are...
  1. Ipoh Mali
  2. So Fly
  3. Let Yo' Air Force Shine

The CD can be bought rather cheap for RM19.90. Point decided to lower the price for his fans and am sure its working out well for him. With the quality hes put in its worth every penny. If you wanna sample the cd first, head down to as you can listen to majority of the tracks there. If you are a Hip Hop fan and want to support the local music industry, this album is definately worth ya hard earned money. I wish Point all the luck and if he keeps this up am sure will do well as a solo artiste. :)

PS. Teh O Ais would now like to be known as Tevez. LMAO. Damn fool can't even spell football let alone play the game. :P

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