Friday, August 24, 2007

i got croc'ed...

Am sorry folks. I fell into the trap. I got a pair of Crocs (Sobek flip flops, pictured right) earlier today. I have been stalling on getting them for months cos I didn't think it was worth the money. Plus previously their original designs were hideous. Sadly they have come up with modern practical designs with safer colors. I just couldn't help myself. Damn you Crocs!

Officially it was to get my old man a pair for his upcoming birthday but after trying the Sobek flip flops I decided what the heck. They are so light and comfy compared to my current Nike sandals. Furthermore its so easy to maintain. All it needs is a simple wash and it'll look like new. At first thought it was a gimmick but my niece has one and its true folks.

Oh well. Damage has been done. I got Croc'ed! :P

PS. I know I know its all lame excuses. Hehe.

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Excaliber said...

flip flop is so gayyyyy, tell la a bit abt ur love life :P