Tuesday, August 21, 2007

malaysiaku gemilang...

Its the Merdeka fever. On 31st of August 2007, Malaysia will be celebrating their 50th year of independence. All sorts of events are being held or going to be held in conjunction with this celebration. Since I felt like contributing a wee bit, decided to create a list of fifty reasons why I love Malaysia.

So here goes...
  1. Roti Canai
  2. Buka Puasa (all the yummy goodies)
  3. KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur
  4. Mamak stalls
  5. Nescafe Ice Kao (especially at Restoran Subang Ria @ Kelana Jaya)
  6. Jonker Street, Malacca
  7. Cendol (especially with lots of pulut)
  8. Air Asia
  9. Pulau Pangkor, Perak (especially staying @ Pangkor Island Beach Resort)
  10. Multicultural Society
  11. Ramly Burger
  12. Bak Kut Teh
  13. Cameron Highlands, Pahang
  14. Nasi Lemak
  15. Pirated DVDs & CDs
  16. Taiping Night Safari, Perak
  17. The expression 'Lah'
  18. Durian
  19. Fireflies @ Kuala Selangor, Selangor
  20. Acar
  21. Char Kway Teow
  22. Orang Utans (best seen @ Sepilok, Sabah)
  23. Pulau Tioman, Pahang
  24. Keropok Lekor (gotta be from Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu)
  25. Otak-otak (best if from Muar, Johor)
  26. Ice Cream Potong
  27. Kajang Satay
  28. Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu
  29. Maggi Goreng
  30. Oil Refinaries @ Kertih, Terengganu at Night
  31. Roti Bakar (w/ tonnes of homemade kaya & butter)
  32. Lat Comics
  33. Love Letters (Kuih Kapit)
  34. Public Holidays galore! :)
  35. Gula Melaka
  36. Chicken Rice (w/ char siew & siew yok for added ooomph)
  37. Gua Niah
  38. Royal Selangor Pewter
  39. Devil's Curry (from Portoguese settlers in Malacca)
  40. Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur
  41. Yong Tau Foo
  42. Orang Asli
  43. Sepang International Circuit (SIA), Selangor
  44. The expression 'Macha'
  45. Pasar Malam
  46. Rojak (indian rojak & fruit rojak)
  47. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Selangor
  48. McD's Prosperity Burger (during Chinese New Year)
  49. Manglish
  50. Food anytime anywhere!

Ahh finally. Wasn't that easy to come up with 50 reasons. Not because I was struggling to find something but more of trying to remember it. If I had to draw it up within an hour I think I would have put mostly just food. LOL. Ok thats all for now. Toodles.

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