Tuesday, August 07, 2007

review: the simpsons movie...

I was reading all sorts of reviews on The Simpsons Movie and was thinking it might be worth catching it in the theaters. Especially since I am a fan of the cartoon series. Sadly I have to say I should have just waited for the DVD or download. Just like what Homer said at the beginning, why pay for something you get free on TV! Sigh. Am not saying it sucked as it was funny but I do not think its a blockbuster. These sorta shows you can wait for the DVD to be released or better still just wait for Astro to show it.

On top of that the asshole sitting behind me who laughed at every single minute of the show didn't help either. I think some of the crowd were just laughing cos it was 'suppose' to be funny. I doubt they even understood what was happening. Arrgghh. Guess I chose the wrong day.

Storyline wise it was alright. Enough humor packed within the 90 minutes or so to keep you smiling. Especially Spider Pig. Hehe. Typical Simpsons material with all the characters making an appearance. I just didn't leave the cinema feeling satisfied. Felt cheated actually. At least South Park: Bigger, Longer and Un-cut was worth the movie ticket.

Think I'll stop bitching for now. Am sure most of you loved the movie from all the rave reviews but sadly it was a green tomato for me. Would give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

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