Sunday, November 11, 2007

oops i did it again...

Last week my dad bought my mom a new Sharp 32 inch LCD TV for Deepavali. Due to this the TV I gave her is now in storage. I on the other hand have been itching to buy a video game console to pass my time. Been spending the better part of my days researching on all the available consoles out there. From Nintendo's Wii to Microsoft's Xbox 360 to Sony's Playstation 3 (PS3).

The drawback from all the new generation consoles above was the exorbitant pricing (console and games) as well as current hardware issues. Since I knew I was looking for something more casual, I decided to get a Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) which by the way has dropped in price. Plus not to mention the shit load of Jack Sparrow games out there.

Earlier today I headed over to Gamers Solution @ City Bazaar, KL and got myself a Sony PS2 Slim package. Total damage was RM630. Below is what I got in that package.

The package consists of the modified Sony PS2 Slim console, 1 original controller, 1 fake controller, 1 original 8mb Memory Card, a USB fan, a stand & 12 games. Due to the nature of the games I decided not to take any pictures of them. Can't wait to set it all up and start playing!

By the way do you know this would be my 3rd PS2 to date. First was in October 2000 when I lined up for the official launch at Walmart in Missouri, US. Sadly they only had 30 odd units and I was like 50th in line. I did however manage to get it few days later by buying a PS2 package (console, additional controller, memory card & 2 games) through KB Toys. I sold it off in March 2003 when I was returning home for good.

I soon got itchy and bought a set at Sungei Wang Plaza, KL in September 2003. That set came with the console, 2 controllers, a memory card & 15 games. Sadly I was cheated as both controllers were fake even though promised original ones. I amounted about 40 odd games but never really found time to play em'. I soon sold that off to a colleague in January 2004 before the price of the console dropped.

Now I have done it again and bought another set. I hope this time I use it enuff to justify the purchase. My old man is already saying that I am just throwing money away. :(

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