Thursday, August 11, 2005

cough cough...

Its been awhile since we last saw it, but now its back and its better than ever! God only knows what the hell Indonesia is doing but all their shit is coming over to us and all they can say is, 'I'm sorry Malaysia'. What the fuck is that?! Sorry ain't gonna do jack for us. It feels like we are living in a freaking BBQ pit. A cheap ass pit at that. The air smells pungent and unbearable. Plus its so freaking depressing! The damn haze is even coming into the house and making me WANT to go to work just to be under some fluorescent lights and air conditioning. I feel bad to all those that have to work outdoors, can't imagine how they can tolerate it. Being out for just a teeny bit to get into my car is already pissing me off. Damn smell is going everywhere, seeping into buildings and houses and into our cars. Its like a freaking disease. There is no escape either, we are stuck with this till the winds pick up or we get some good rain. Sigh. If only Indonesia would stop all their freaking fires and be considerate. How many fucking times must be tolerate this bullshit?! You don't see us shitting in their backyard right. Damn there should be some sorta limit or law against this. HELP US!! HELP US PLEASEEEE!!

Note: These pictures were taken by The Star Malaysia newspaper. Just a brief look at what we are going through. First picture is a new sport called Smoky Footy. The challenge is to see the freaking ball through the haze. Second picture is actually of a mosque, but it was easier to focus on the gardener instead.

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