Sunday, August 21, 2005

gym and futsal...

Ahh finally after weeks of procrastination I managed to use the company gym. The gym was opened on the 29th of July and is surprisingly fully equipped. Best part is that until December this year its FREE for all staff. The only problem I had is the timing of when its open. It doesn't coincide with my work schedule and I don't plan to come to work earlier to workout. Wouldn't be at all comfortable to take a shower in the office plus I most probably will be tired at work then. So the only way was to come during weekends before our regular futsal game. Got up early and headed to the gym about an hour and half before futsal. Managed to get 10 mins on the treadmill and 10 mins on the cycling machine. Did some shoulder weights as well. Not really sure what you call that equipment. Felt good after that. Then we headed straight to futsal and played a good solid hour of it. Sadly my damn knee twisted again right smack at the end of our hour. Now I'm limping like a wounded dog. Good thing is I was wearing the brace so it didn't snap like before. Its slightly swollen now but bearable. Hopefully it heals before next weekend as we might have a game with some team. Plus I would like to continue my weekend gym activity. Need to lose my damn tummy. Getting pretty annoyed with it. Drinking most weekends isn't helping either I must say. Well I better hit the showers, I smell like fish right now. Cheerio.

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