Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Don't you just love it when your company sends you to seminars? Its like you are paid to take a break. I just got done with a 2 day seminar on 'Understanding Misconduct and Discipline Procedures'. It was pretty enlightening I must say. Taught us alot about how to catch staff screwing around at work and what to do to ensure they are punished properly. Our country is very pro employee and it could be a real headache for employers if they don't follow proper policies or even have a policy. Majority of cases that hit the labor courts are in favor of the employees. I guess its good and bad. Good if you work for someone and bad if you hire people to work for you. The worse part is that the lawyers are making all the freaking money! Do you know that they take 1 month salary as a starting service fee and if you win, they take from 25% to 35% of the awarded compensation. Damn. I'm in the wrong line of work man. =(

This is the third seminar I have gone for since working in this company. Surprisingly 2 were within this month. Its great to just relax and listen while enjoying multiple meals a day. Sadly the choice of hotels weren't that desirable but I guess we can't be choosy right. The material so far were good and the participants were interactive, so I didn't fall asleep or day dream. Although from time to time I had to struggle to keep my eyes open after the lunch buffet. I wonder who came up with all these meals during a seminar. It only makes you full and sleepy. I do see some people who really love it though. They just can't wait for the next break. I guess once you've attended multiple seminars throughout your career, there isn't really anything to care about except the food. Hmmmm, I wonder when is the next seminar. Soon I hope. I could do with another break! =)

I guess I better hit the sack now. Got shit loads to do tommorrow. Plus I got to attend my niece's 2nd birthday tommorrow. cheerio!

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