Saturday, August 06, 2005

looong and tiring day...

As always every Friday after work, a group of us would head over to Bangsar's Lotus (which has shut down sadly) or Sri Dewi's for some supper and chit chat. Yesterday however was one night we will not forgot for some time. A total of 5 cars headed over to Bangsar via Jalan Damansara from work. Myself and 2 others were ahead while 2 more stayed back for some hot action. Sadly that hot action turned out to be too hot to handle! Just as we were nearing Dewi's we get a call that they got into an accident. Damn! Thoughts ran through my mind wondering WTF?! happened and hope they or anyone else were not injured. Took a quick U Turn and headed back to ground zero which was near the bus stop @ Victoria Station Damansara.

When we reached there it was a relief as the damage couldn't be seen plus it only involved one of them. So at least the accident wasn't all too bad. Turned out while they were dragging, he lost control of his car and spun 180 degrees and smashed into the divider. Luckily only his left rear tyre hit the divider which bent his axel (which misaligned his rear frame a bit) and cracked his rim. The body and everything else was spared from any damage. Even the divider did not crumble and there were no skid marks. Best part is he missed all the other drivers on the road. Phew. As expected he was a bit shaken up by the whole thing.

We then had to wait for tow truck to arrive before hauling the car to the traffic police station near Petaling Street. After writing the report and taking some pics of the car (which took about an hour plus due to those lazy assholes who actually have beds at their work stations!), we headed towards Ford Service Center in Klang for repair. At the service center, it was our luck that they didn't have any guards (just 2 barking dogs), so we were shouting like monkeys hoping to get someone to open the damn gate. All we wanted to do was leave the car inside and handle the shit in the morning. At the end we had to leave the car right in front of the center at the gate. Damn service center advertised that they have 24 hour towing service but they don't even answer their phones or have a damn guard to let people in when they have an accident after hours. After that was done we dropped the poor dude home and went for breakfast since it was already 6am then. Whole ordeal took around 5 hours plus. Didn't mind much, more like an adventure, plus I would like my friends to help me out as well if I ever got into such a mess.

Weird thing is we did speak to him on that day about not dragging as it was pointless and also because he doesn't really know his car well or anything about cars for that matter. The dude he was dragging with also declined the challenge due to safety reasons. Sigh. Then this shit happens. I can imagine what all could be running through his mind right now. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes right and we should be greatful that no one got hurt.

*Yaaaawn* I better hit the sack now. I got a game of futsal in about 5 hours time. Goodnight folks and please drive safe at all times.


Hybernating Bear said...

Annene man.... what can we expect next?.... hehe

derek said...

Was that let me guess Ant's car?

sbd18 said...

who else?! ANNENE in the HOUSE!