Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ahh its that time of the year again. August 31st. This day 48 years ago (1957), Malaysia finally got its independence after over 400 years of colonization. Officially it is a Public Holiday for all to rejoice but working for an outsourcing project supporting UK and US, we do not get the luxury to be on leave. It isn't all that bad I guess considering the stress you would have being outside celebrating with the rest of the nation. Traffic jams everywhere, motorcycles zooming in out recklessly and idiots roaming around shouting Merdeka and at the same time vandalizing everything in sight. Its interesting how a celebration of our freedom would end up bringing out the worse of people. Before the day itself everyone would be gung ho about tying our flag up and propping them on our cars and what not. Give a few days after the 31st and you'll see our poor flag lying on the road or dumped somewhere.

There isn't a proper sense of respect for our flag and its sickening. Quite often I see those that raise the flag daily do not even have the decency to place it on their shoulder while they are tying it up. They would just leave it lying there on the road or pavement or whatever. Some even step on it without thinking twice. That isn't the way you should treat your nation's flag. It should be handled with respect and honour. Then again I guess a lot of Malaysians nowadays are just too selfish to care about anything else but themselves. Most do not even know the shit our forefathers had to go through to get freedom and make Malaysia what it is today. I'm not saying I know every teeny bit of history but I do at least have a sense of respect and pride for the country. As they always say, 'Ignorance is bliss'.

Yaaaawn. I think I better hit the sack now. Been a tiring day. G'nite folks and Selamat Merdeka!!

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