Wednesday, August 24, 2005

economy rice?!

What is Economy Rice? Well its also known as Mixed Rice or Chap Fan in Cantonese. The main idea is to sell plain white rice with a whole variety of other pre-prepared dishes. These dishes are usually some form chicken, pork, beef, seafood or veggies. They can either be Chinese, Malay or Indian cuisine. The reason its called Economy Rice is because its extremely cheap hence economically good. One plate of rice with about 3 varities of dishes will only cost abour RM3 to RM5. Obviously taking seafood and pork might cost slightly more due to the cost of the raw items itself but relatively its still one of the cheapest form of a full meal. Its also always hot and clean. Not cold, stale leftover stuff.

Now thats not what I'm blogging about. The problem I have is that I went to this place in Sec 14 and they had Economy Rice. So as usual at an Economy Rice stall, you go about choosing your varieties and get ready to pay. All I did was choose some salted veggy, half an egg, some tofu and some pork. This place also does the serving for you. So you can't really take more of something that you fancy like most places. Now something like that we would expect to pay about RM5 tops. Maybe RM6 if I took a bit more of the pork. Can you guess how much it turned out to be? I'm sure you couldn't even fathom especially those of you who are familiar with Economy Rice. The damn thing cost me RM10!! What the fuck is that? Nothing on my plate was even worth that much. Combined or otherwise. Damn man. I got shafted. I'm never going back there again. Even Bah Kut Teh (Pork Herbal Soup) which cost around RM9 for a single set is cheaper and much more satisfying. This ain't Economy Rice anymore. This is more like 'Fuck the Economy' Rice. Arrgghhhh.

Anyways was just venting. I'm sure most of you can imagine the frustration. I guess we all learn the hard way huh. =(

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