Tuesday, October 30, 2007

paddington house of pancakes, 1U...

Didn't I say I would definately return to this place, Paddington House of Pancakes. Hehe. This time it was for dinner on Sunday. We had to sit outside as their vents were down which made the whole place chokingly smoky. Fortunately sitting outside is soo much nicer as we had 80s music coming from the club upstairs and could smell the nice rainy scent. Really sets the mood for some yummy pancakes!

Previously I mentioned that their menu was exhaustingly extensive. To make matters worse they have just updated their menu and introduced a whole lot more. So now its even more tiring to decide what to eat!

Their drink choices are pretty interesting. Lots of yummy smoothies, fizzy drinks & coffee concoctions. Sunshine settled on her all time fav, Cappucino. I on the other hand wanted to try one of their smoothies and decided on Banana Mango (RM12). The smoothie was really yummy. Not too thick and rich in flavour.

For dinner we spent around 20 odd minutes trying to figure out what to eat. At the end Sunshine settled on the Smoked Salmon w/ American Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs & Zuchini (RM22.50). Somehow I didn't think fish would suit pancakes but this combo was really good. The slight salty nature of the smoked salmon with some sour cream went really well with the pancakes (which I think had some ham bits inside).

I was attracted to the picture posted out front of the outlet and decided to order that. It was the Gourmet Cheese Sausages w/ American Pancakes, Salami Slices and Hash Brown (RM22.50). I was hoping the sausages weren't from Ayamas and thank god it wasn't! Not really sure where they sourced it from but it was really yummy. The cheese coated pancakes and salami slices were a joy too especially with their mushroom sauce. Worked very well together. The hash brown was similar to what you would get from McD so nothing much to add.

We were both stuffed by the time we got done with our mains. Being a glutton I was craving to try their sweet pancakes. I remembered being a J Card member I can get a freebie if I spend more than RM50. So we decided to cash in on that offer. Sadly I forgot to snap a pic. Think its called the All Time Favourite (RM9.50). It came with 3 plain pancakes w/ banana slices and a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. We just chowed down on the banana and ice cream while I polished off 1 piece of the pancake with maple syrup. Ohh it was heavenly. Felt like a pig afterwards but what the heck. Hehe.

So far we've been here twice and both times were just heavenly. Am definately coming back to try out their other goodies. Love the location, variety and think its worth every penny! :D


Jasonmumbles said...

Pancakes for dinner? Haha! No way man.

sbd18 said...

Eh belum cuba jgn kata. Hehe. They have very nice savoury ones good for dinner. Should try it out Jason.