Thursday, October 25, 2007

food foundary at section 17, pj...

Am pretty sure most of you is no stranger to Food Foundary located at Section 17, PJ. I've read quite a bit of reviews (blogs and NST) on this place whether it be for lunch, tea or dinner. Think one of their biggest draw is the Mille Crepe made famous by Jason Mumbles.

Sunshine and I headed there earlier today for dinner. Its located in Happy Mansion directly the other end of my favourite haunt, 6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak. Its nestled at the back so many people have a hard time locating the place. Good thing about that is its quiet and peaceful which is ideal for dining out.

Food Foundary has a pretty extensive menu for a simple cafe concept. A good variety of tapas, pastas, sandwiches, western & local fare and of course desserts.

For starters we decided to try out the Gratin Mussels (RM8.90). Served with warm spiced bread (which was yummy). The mussels is okay but I think I prefer to have it with a rich sauce rather then just baked with cheese. Next time I'll make sure to try the Green Curry Mussels (RM8.90).

For the mains Sunshine decided on the Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM14.90). Usually this dish is rather dry but here they topped it with creamy mushroom sauce. A great compliment to the chicken. Only downside was we wished there was more sauce! I lapped most of it up with the bread that came with our mussels. Hehe. The chicken tasted good with its light breading and yummy cheesy center. The accompanying mashed potatoes was not bad especially with some chunky bits.

I on the other hand was craving for fish. After deliberating I decided on the Pan Fried Fish with Pepper Marmalade (RM15.90). Had this idea that the fish would be spicy but when it came it was actually sweet which was refreshingly nice. Rich in flavour and the generous helping of sauteed green/red peppers and onions was inviting. The fish is served with some creamy mushroom sauce pasta which went well with the pepper marmalade sauce.

One of the main reasons of coming here was to let Sunshine try out the Mille Crepe, so we ended our dinner with a slice of Strawberries and Cream version (RM9). Both of us thought it was just okay. Wouldn't really pay that much again. It wasn't as smooth as I have read about. Maybe I should head to Nadeje Patisserie in Malacca to try the real thing.

All in all its a pretty decent place to dine out. Good for group outings or even a quiet date. Cosy, inviting and affordable!

PS. Sorry for the dark and slightly blurry pictures as was using my K800i to take em' at night!

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Rauff said...

Correct, Nadeje is far better~!