Thursday, October 25, 2007

great game...

Not sure if most of you saw it but the Red Devils played a good game last night. We won 4 - 2 against Dynamo Kyiv. To top it off it was an away European match and we were down by several 1st team players. Our midfield was practically a makeshift setup but they manage to stick together and bring it to the Bilo-Synis!

Anderson is simply amazing. Only 3 games so far and he has shown what a great player he will become. At least now the critics can keep their trap shut. With him in central we have scored more this season. Such amazing passing and foresight from the youngster. Very much like Scholesy but with better tackling. Hehe.

Rooney and Tevez have also started to gel. They both look really threatening out there. Reminds me of the partnership between Cole and Yorke some time back. Love to see them work like hounds chasing after the ball and the beautiful setups in front of goal. Damn I can't wait for the next Man Utd game. Love seeing them play like this.

Glory glory Man Utd!

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