Sunday, October 07, 2007

tank updates...

Finally after about a month of talking about it I got off my ass and headed to SLS for some new fishies. I already had a particular type in mind and hoped that they would have stock. Luckily they had a handful left. I ended up walking away with 11 Boraras Maculatus plus 1 Ember Tetra.

Now my tank finally looks populated. I saw the Ember Tetras in SLS's tank and boy do I wish mine were that colorful. Still am having trouble getting their color out. Then again I wished my tank looked even half as close as their tanks. Hehe. Too much is needed to reach that level and I am honest to admit I don't have that much commitment to get there.

About my pregnant shrimp situation, the 2 shrimplets are still alive and kicking. Sadly only 1 pregnant shrimp left while the other I think dropped her eggs and passed on as I found a carcass of a big shrimp. Hope the other survives the pregnancy and give me a few more shrimplets. Would be nice to rear my own shrimps instead of buying em'. :D

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