Monday, October 29, 2007

subway sandwich for dinner...

I have always loved sandwiches. One of the simplest yet best meal ever thought of. You can have all sorta sandwiches. From the all time favourite PB & J to funky ones like pickle, celery and banana. You can have them toasted, burnt, baked or plain. The options goes on and on. Just gotta leave it up to ya imagination.

While in the States I was hooked to a particular sandwich shop which is Subway. I practically had sandwiches from them for lunch almost everyday trying out their various types. Think the only one I didn't try was the Veggie Delite. LOL. I gotta have my meats ya know!

When I got back to Malaysia I was happy to find out that Subway had started their franchise here although much pricier. The only drawback being they didn't serve pork (which was replaced with either turkey or beef). Today I was craving for something light and decided on a Subway sandwich for dinner. Theres this outlet very near my office so I popped over and had my fix.

I had the Toasted 6" Subway Club (sliced turkey breast, turkey ham and roast beef) on Oregano Parmesan bread. Usually you can choose as many toppings as you desire but I love mine simple so I just had cucumbers and black olives with Thousand Island dressing and Teriyaki sauce. Top it off with some pepper and parmesan shavings and I was all set.

Simple yet very satisfying meal. On top of that it doesn't leave me stuffed like rice or noodles. :D

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